Monster Energy makes the news. And not in a good way.

While Energy drinks don't necessarily promote themselves as performance beverages the lines can sometimes seem blurred. For example, Red Bull has made huge inroads into action and motor sports by sponsoring athletes and events galore. And let's not forget that they own a Major League Soccer team named, um, New York Red Bull. While energy drinks don't explicitly say they help athletes perform and recover, when young kids see their idols wearing the logos, the suggestion can definitely seem implicit. 

Monster, Red Bull's main competitor has its own stable of athletes. So it was with great interest that we came across the news that the company is being sued in Florida. Not because the drinks don't really help your athletic performance, but because it might actually kill you. A Florida law firm, Morgan & Morgan, claim Monster drinks and many others can actually be life threatening. They've already filed cases in Florida and are looking into others. The article goes on to quote registered dietician, Lauri Wright, who says, "We've had a lot of children admitted to the ER and even to the hospital because of energy drinks." 

We knew energy drinks were bad news, but we didn't know they were THAT bad. Here's a link to the article: